News and Events

12th General Assembly of Asian Seismological Commission (ASC):
May, 12-14, 2018, Chengdu, China
12 May 2018
New Seismic Network Sheds Light on Myanmar’s Tectonic Activity:
Scientists have long known that Myammar is tectonically vulnerable. But only recently, says Dr Paramesh Banerjee, have they been able to understand the full extent of the country’s seismic activity. [read more]
 20 Nov 2017
Nature India interview (published 17 Nov 2017):
The flying geophysicist who wants to create an Asian seismic data bank. [read more]
17 Nov 2017
Dr. Paramesh Banerjee Elected President of Asian Seismological Commission:
Dr Paramesh Banerjee feels honoured to have been elected the new president of the Asian Seismological Commission earlier this year [read more]
 30 Oct 2017